Eagles Mere – The Town that Time Forgot

Sullivan County, Pennsylvania is home to one of the most scenic and relaxing towns in the United States. Eagles Mere is a historically protected town in the central mountains of Pennsylvania.

eagles-mere-pa-bathing-beach-postcard-pennsylvania-3099286da79c9b46fe83bdbe29409c81The lake in the middle of town is what brings everyone to the picturesque town with 120 permanent residents. There is one main road that circles the lake, and the town is only two square miles. During the summer the population booms as people who grew up vacationing in Eagles Mere return.

A man-made beach sits next to the lake and is packed during the summer with families excited to get some of the sun’s rays. One can take canoes and sailboats out for a spin or play volleyball among the trees. Other options include taking a run around the lake, walking across the bridge at the end of the lake or staying in the old Eagles Mere Inn.

Drink some iced tea on the lawn and forget about your cell phone for a while. Even if you had a cell phone you most likely wouldn’t have reception. With all of the beauty and relaxing view, why would you have your cell phone? Disconnect from the every day hustle and bustle.

Eagles Mere Inn

Families grow up next to one another and often spend entire summers in the cool mountain air. They play soccer, capture the flag and numerous other summer camp activities. The Fourth of July celebration is second to none with hundreds of patriotic garbed folk participate in a parade.

Water Carnival is honestly one of the most exciting things I’ve taken part in. There are docks set up around the lake with people awaiting for the show. There are canoes with stages in the middle of them where the younger Eagle Mere folks put on sketches. The goal is to take home first place from the judge’s dock.

The Dewire Community Center is a regional hotspot for their summer drama workshop. The Eagles Mere Friends of the Arts ensure that there are plenty of cultural events for both Eagles Mere as well as the surrounding area.

There isn’t a more wonderful getaway location in the Northeast than Eagles Mere. Get off the grid and get an ice cream cone at the Sweet Shop or play some basketball with one of the Ferricks, a local family.

Trust me, do yourself a favor and take a trek into the “town that time forgot.”