The Best Beer For Your Current Mood

Beer is something that is extremely underrated. Some people see beer as a tool for drinking games or something to drink when there isn’t a place to make a real cocktail.

When I think of beer, I think of endless flavor possibilities. There is a beer for every occasion, every venue and even every mood. Here’s a guide to help through the world of beer during the emotional rollercoaster of life.

YPVf4w4LPabst Blue Ribbon is “I’m struggling to make rent, but it is a beautiful day and I want to enjoy it,” beer. This domestic gem can be found at most local watering holes and almost always cost less than $5, making it one of the best, most delicious bargains.


guinness_draught_spritzr06bg1_resized_1600-hGuinness is “I just ran 3 miles and I deserve a drink,” beer. Beer isn’t known for
it’s nutritional value, but for those who want the best of both world after a hard work out can rest assured that Guinness only has 125 calories in a 12 oz. serving. Don’t be deceived by its thick velvety goodness; it won’t ruin your entire workout.

Smith__Forge_1Smith and Forge Hard Cider
is “I don’t really like beer but I don’t want to be ‘that girl’ at the lake,” beer. Don’t worry beer beginners, a savior has arrived; that savior comes in a can, minus the bitter taste of hops. That means when everyone else is cruising on the lake with his or her Koozie’s, you will still fit in.


SantaFe_SingleBarrel-Front-New-03Santa Fe Single Barrel Bourbon Aged Sour is “I just got the biggest paycheck of my life,” beer. This is the night you get to treat yourself, and your friends if they are lucky, to one of the beer world’s most treasured bottles. These can’t be found at your average bar, and they’ll usually cost upwards of $20 per bottle. Let me tell you, it is worth every penny.


beard_beerRogue Beard Beer is “I’m feeling really adventurous today,” beer. Yes, you read that correctly, beard beer. It’s beer brewed from a strain of yeast found in the brew masters’ beard. This is a surprisingly delicious beer for being part of someone’s face, and I didn’t even get food poisoning. I suggest looking for it next time you are feeling brave.


Coop DNR
is “I have had the worst day and I need something strong,” beer. By strong I mean this beer is 10% ABV, the same as most wines. If you are looking for something to kick you and your pants into a taxi ride home, this beer is your prince charming.


stiegl-radler-grapefruit-sortiment-bier-flascheStiegl Radler is “I just want a cool drink on a hot day,” beer. This beer taste like your favorite wheat beer had babies with a grapefruit. It is a wonderful combination that will cool you off on a hot day.


cold_snap_6pk__largeSam Adams Cold Snap is “I just need to be under a blanket and enjoy the snow from my couch,” beer. This winter seasonal is paired perfectly with chestnuts on an open fire. Snuggle up with your favorite book and put on those sweat pants, this is a stay home beer.