Review: Garnier Fructis Products for Curly Vs. Straight Hair

When you have curly hair, life is a constant battle. If you’re feeling wild, it takes forever to tame your natural texture into a manageable style; if you’re feeling classy and chic, straightening your hair is a surefire way to create a thousand new split ends. However, through endless trial and error, I’ve found the perfect product duo from Garnier Fructis that’s guaranteed to do the job, no matter which direction you want to take your look: the Sleek and Shine Flat Iron Protector Straightening Mist, and the Curl Construct Mousse. I love these products not only because they work, but because they nourish my crazy locks at the same time with botanical oils. As a result, using them leaves my hair healthy – and ready for any kind of style inspiration.

Sleek and Sexy: Garnier Straightening Mist

straightening mist

Red-carpet glam, date night, or back-to-school fashion: so many occasions call for a luxurious pin-straight style that can be tough to achieve if your hair falls on the wavy-curly spectrum. The main issues I always encounter when straightening my tresses are frizz and breakage – and Garnier’s Straightening Mist instantly takes care of both.

First, I let my hair air-dry completely, then section it and heat up my straightening iron. Spritzing the mist on each section before I get to work on it leaves hair super-shiny, smooth, and ready to give up its natural shape. Don’t freak out if you notice a bit of steam as you run the iron over misted hair – that’s just extra moisture being released as you achieve silky straight perfection. The argan oil in the mist locks the straight style in, and any extra frizz – I’m looking at you, baby hairs! – can be smoothed down with an extra spritz.

You’ll notice real results on your split with the Straightening Mist. My curly hair goes especially nuts as it grows longer, and this product allows my precious ends to stay intact even as I run a super-hot iron over them. In the long run, this allows curly hair to grow healthy and strong, and always look full (and not flat). I’m getting a little misty just thinking about it.

Curly and Cute: Garnier Curl Construct Mousse

Curly-HairOn the other hand, there are plenty of days I’d rather just let my natural waves fly free – like if I’m working a flowy sundress, or just in a rush to work. However, Garnier’s Curl Construct Mousse allows me to structure and control my curly hair and avoid that “poofy dandelion” look. Not cute.

curl construct mouse

Because curly hair can tend to get so tangled, keeping the hair shaft moist and nourished is key to avoiding a chaotic head of knots. Lemon and apricot extracts help to put an extra twist in my hair, without compromising its natural texture. Instead of leaving me with a frizzy situation, the mousse helps to lift and separate my locks; once I’ve applied it, neither wind nor hot dry sun can ruin my newly radiant style. The important thing to remember about this product is that less is more; take a small dollop and warm up in your hands before running it through your hair (wet or dry). Too much product and the curls will begin to weigh down, and leave your scalp extra-oily.

A fun thing I like to try with the Curl Construct mousse is applying it to my damp, clean hair, then braiding my thick locks all over and allowing my hair to dry. Once they’re ready to go, I simply unbraid my curls and they’ve taken on a beachy wave. Voila, natural hair that stays sassy and springy all day!