Legendary Soccer Announcer Martin Tyler

Storytelling at its finest is a rare talent. It’s a natural gift that requires experience, immense knowledge and a way to keep the audience’s interest for prolonged periods in a time where the modern world gets information at the snap of its fingers.

Enter Martin Tyler, a man whose voice is responsible for telling the English-speaking world the story of football (better known as soccer, for those that reside in the United States).

Tyler is the legendary announcer that has transcended his profession as the popularity of the English Premier League, the top professional league in his home country, has boomed across the globe. Tyler can also be heard broadcasting the feature UEFA Champions League matches as well as England’s FA Cup, the oldest active sports tournament in the world.

YUAndpMCbXk_9hvX4xMDoxOjBzMTt2bJSoccer is a simple, but at times difficult game to vocally describe in live-action. Monotonous play can dominate long stretches of a match, which announcers must carry with relevant but not forced conversation. One kick a split second within this downtime can lead to a moment of excitement and the play that might define the match.

Tyler excels in reflecting the sudden mood changes within a match as he smoothly transitions from insightful filler to the excitement of the stadium rising as a star closes in on goal.  Never bigger than the moment, Tyler is the perfect orator for the beautiful game.

Amongst casual fans, Tyler now has an even bigger reach. He is the English voice for the FIFA Soccer video game series, which is the most popular sports video game in the world. Anyone playing the widely popular game in places such as the United States, United Kingdom, India and Australia will hear his voice as they play with their favorite clubs.

Announcers in sports video games can be a difficult proposition. The voices are prerecorded with limited phrases and vocabulary, and most sentences are choppy and repetitive within gameplay. Even with these factors, Tyler and his British accent sound magnificent within the game. His description of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo scoring in a goal in the game sounds like it was taken from one of his live Sky Sports television broadcasts.

Even at 70, Tyler is aging more like a fine wine than someone entering the final phase of his career. He continues to call the weekly top matches, with overseas television stations using his broadcast from Europe instead of their own broadcasters. Even millennial viewers would rather hear their favorite British elder than the voice of a local announcer.

The British Empire may have dissipated in the mid 20th century, but Tyler continues to unite the English-speaking world with his graceful calls. As satellites grow the world closer together, Tyler remains the constant to English-speaking soccer fans at the forefront of the world’s biggest matches.