Los Angeles: The City With More Than Just Angels

Growing up I never saw myself living in a big city, especially not a big city on the United States west coast. Too much hustle and bustle for me!

However, following my post-college internship, I took the leap and flew out to sunny Los Angeles.

I can now say that I am never leaving Southern California.

The sunshine is no joke in LA. The majority of the year the sun is out and the weather is most likely better than any other place in the United States.

Geographically, Los Angeles is a goldmine.

Big-BearHave the day off? Drive just down the road to the beach and catch some rays, or go take a dip in the Pacific Ocean. Not a big fan of the beach? Head to the mountains north of the city and go camping. Head east of the city and hang out by the pool in Palm Springs. Feel like rolling the dice? Las Vegas is only a four-hour drive away!

Food-wise there isn’t anywhere I have lived that compares to the wide variety and quality of food in the LA area. The best Korean food outside of the homeland is found in Koreatown. Mexican food is second to none, and you are slighting yourself if you don’t grab a taco (or five) if you’re visiting.

Celebrity sightings are almost weekly and happen almost anywhere. My experiences have been at the local movie theater, coffee shop and at the pizza joint around the corner, to name a few.

One can go see famous comedians and musicians for much cheaper than elsewhere any night of the week. For $12 this past weekend I was able to catch Dane Cook at the Comedy Store in a small, intimate setting. If I wanted to do that somewhere other than LA, I would have to shell out at least three times the money and see him from afar in a sports arena.


Sure, traffic can be troublesome depending on where you are and the time of day, but the pros of living in LA most definitely outweigh the cons.

Head out West and see why so many people moved here and have never left.

You’ll understand, it’s a Cali thing.