I Love Sneakers – Now Get Your Kicks

Shoes, everybody has a couple of pairs.

Not me; I have more than 100 pairs.

Why do I have that many?

Simple answer: You have to have a pair of shoes for every situation you run into.


Whether it is hiking with the girlfriend, pickup basketball with the guys or a nice pair of sneakers to go out on the town, having the right pair of shoes is everything. It is like picking your outfit every day, but with shoes you can start from the feet up. After a shower, I look at the lineup in front of me and get to pick the color scheme for the day. Unorthodox, I realize, but you will never find yourself going, “Oh man, it looks like I chose the wrong sneakers for this situation.”

One of the biggest issues with owning shoes is the putrid odor from wearing a pair too much. In owning a ton of shoes, one can easily dodge the odor by donning a different pair each day. Put your nose in any of my shoes and it will smell like a new pair because they are worn sparingly based on the situation.


Blisters? Forget about it! I went and got my first pedicure a month ago and the pedicurist commented that there was nothing to remark about with my feet’s health. She said there were no blisters, callus or even a hangnail on my feet. In keeping a good rotation of shoes, one never overuses a certain part of the foot.

If I ever buy a pair of shoes that don’t feel like a proverbial fit, I have to get rid of them in some form or fashion. Once that occurs, I’m not stuck with a pair that’s worn out or over the hill. I can just dip into my shoe reserves and not have any remorse about doing so.


You’re probably wondering what is my favorite pair of shoes. That answer is simple for me. My cowboy boots I bought from a factory outlet in Texas are the best. They are rugged yet stylish. They can be worn into a swamp or a classy night out with friends. They also have a large sturdy heel, which does two wondrous things. If you are a sports fan, the heel allows you to stomp and make a lot of noise in the crowd. The heel also bumps up your height roughly an inch, which for a short fellow like me is invaluable.

If you invest in good pairs of shoes as I have, you won’t feel sorry. In fact, you will realize that you will limit shoe-related stress as well as help the health of your feet and your back.