Mac and Cheese – It’s True Love

Mac and cheese: The traditional dish that tastes good no matter one’s age or the time of day.

The perfect mix of cheese and noodles are irresistible. It combines two great basic foods, noodles and cheese. The burst of flavor from the cheese adds to the chewy texture of the noodles. It’s not overwhelming sweet, yet leaves an excellent after-taste in one’s mouth.

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Mac and Cheese is one of the first normal dishes that parents can serve to their young children. Even with children’s picky taste buds, most find mac and cheese tasty and easy to chew (and fun, albeit messy, to play with, too).

Mac and Cheese

Then there are the teenagers and college students, the next age group, who have mac and cheese in the form of the instant bowls and packet. These millennials want quick, easy-made and cheap food, and instant mac and cheese provides this to them. Is it five-star restaurant quality? Not necessarily, yet it can tastefully feed college students for weeks at a time on a budget without compromising taste in comparison to other budget meals.

Mac and cheese gets creative with the adult population. With this group, mac and cheese meets creativity. It can be served with additional toppings bacon, squash, potatoes and spinach. It can be served as a casserole, pasta salad or pie. Mac and cheese can serve as the appetizer, an entrée or, depending on its texture, even as a gourmet desert.

And thanks to digital sharing sites such as Pinterest or YouTube demonstration videos, these Mac and Cheese recipes are readily available on the Internet. Gone are the days one would have to take a weekend cooking class or buy an expensive recipe book to find a unique mac and cheese. A quick search on the Internet will pull up thousands of mac and cheese variations such as “fried mac and cheese balls,” “Italian mac and cheese muffins” and “taco mac and cheese.”

Need a late night snack? Open a container of instant mac and cheese, add water and put it in the microwave.

Looking for something a young child can and actually will enjoy eating? Quick, cook up some mac and cheese.

Need a great addition to a nice sit-down meal? Search for a mac and cheese recipe on the Internet, add the extra ingredients and serve it as part of an excellent dinner.

Mac and cheese: We dare say it is food perfection for all.