Minecraft – Build Your World

Growing up, one imagines a world where they can bring things to life and design it to their specifications. For me, Legos allowed me to build wild spaceships and castles with fire breathing dragons. Today, Minecraft has taken over the land of building and imagination with its massive, moldable world.

Want to build a castle overlooking a picturesque jungle lagoon? You can do that. Want to make a minecart track up and down a mountain like a real-life roller coaster? You can do that. Want to join up with 5 of your friends and slay the dastardly ender dragon? You can also do that.
644203_555377887831038_1182381468_nIt is all so simple with Minecraft. Every block in the world can be mined and then placed elsewhere: dirt, stone, water, sand, diamond, iron, lapis lazuli etc. Minecraft is the simplicity with graphics and necessary memory to run the game that allows it to spread like wild fire. Pretty much any computer can handle the processing load and will not stray from the basic graphics that come with the game.

That being said, one can download resource packs, which alter the appearance of every item in the game. Personally, I like to play with a photo-realism pack that makes items look as close to they would in the real world. But if you want your Minecraft world to look like a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a grey sky and grime, have at it!

The world is truly at your mercy. The game is all in the spirit of fun and imagination. It stretches your mind to make large geographical shapes while having to survive in a hostile yet manageable world. Hours are lost trying to create your latest masterpiece of architecture.

665929_485779148124246_2146607953_oIf you want some adventure, just throw on some armor and bring your sword, for there are zombies and skeletons abound. There is even an unpredictable netherworld with all new materials to gather and zombie pigmen to fight.

Do you have some friends that share your vision? Get on the same server and work to build whatever your collective minds can think of. Not into working together with friends? You can have massive battles to see who is truly the king of the hill, ocean or mineshaft.

This groundbreaking game is well worth your time and money, especially if you are into an open world with very little direction. Take the reins and build a magnificent landscape to your choosing.