$99 Quiet and Light AirFit P10 CPAP Mask is a Game Changer

My first CPAP mask was enormous and loud. It covered my nose and mouth and it was impossible to sleep with. I just could not get used to my CPAP therapy. My doctor said it was a mind over matter issue and I just need to buckle down and get used to it. After 10 virtually sleepless nights and 11 miserable days. I took matters into my own hands.

I researched CPAP masks on my own and I found a mask I really want to try. The AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask System is small, light and quiet. My doctor never told me about nasal pillows. Nasal pillow masks fit into your nostrils instead of heavy plastic covering your face.


Available in both a pink For Her version and blue Standard version.

Why Do I Love the AirFit P10 So Much?

A lighter, quieter and more convenient – not to mention simpler – CPAP mask system equals a much better CPAP mask system. Quieter is better because you don’t need to worry about your mask waking you up at night – you also don’t wake up with your husband  jabbing you with their elbows because the air from your mask is keeping them awake. Lighter is better because you have the freedom to move around and not feel constricted, which makes finding your ideal sleeping position much easier. I sleep on my side and this mask stays put.

What is even better is it is on SALE. I love a bargain and the P10 is only $99. Down from $118. Compared to other CPAP masks that is quite a value. The P10 has greatly improved my sleep and I actually wake up feeling rested. I highly recommend it for all CPAP users.