R2D2 Custom Roomba – This is the Droid You’re Looking For

With Star Wars fever in the air, as well as hay fever, the R2D2 custom Roomba vinyl decal set is something we can all fall in love with, because it will turn your favorite robotic vacuum into your personal droid.

Indeed, the vacuum has had a long and varied history. Some say it was invented in 1860 when Daniel Hess of West Union, Iowa built a machine that sucked up dirt while a rotating brush cleaned.  Others say it was Ives W. McGaffey who built a hand-cranked vacuum in 1868. Or maybe it was John S. Thurman who built a gasoline powered vacuum cleaner in 1898. However, it was not until this century when home vacuuming was revolutionized with the introduction of the Roomba – the magical robotic vacuum cleaner that did all your hoovering for you.

However, despite the fact that you can simply let the Roomba do its thing, the robot can still get boring in its plain black or grey form. With the R2D2 vinyl decal set up, you can dress your Roomba up as your favorite character from your favorite movie. Of course, just last year, Star Wars got a wonderful reboot thanks to the genius of J.J. Abrams. In fact, the reboot is so popular that it is still in theaters. If you can remember, the 1990s were not so good for the film franchise started by George Lucas in the 70s.

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Yet, with spring upon us and the constant need to vacuum our floors, dressing up your Roomba may be the perfect excuse to keep your home allergy free. When it comes down to it, spring can bring with it a lot of allergens that can cause sneezing, sniffling and other symptoms. If you have pets, the dander could increase your allergy symptoms. With the Roomba, you can keep your floors free of dust and other allergens without having to hire a cleaner, or spend hours vacuuming.

In the end, we can all accept the fact that robots are going to take over many of our boring chores. In a few years, maybe we’ll have a machine that will take out our trash for us and there will be a gold decal to make the robot look just like C3PO. In the meantime, our inner nerd can delight at turning our Roomba into R2D2, and if you are really feeling inventive, you could put a portable speaker on your Roomba and turn into a tiny mobile DJ that also cleans your floors.

You can purchase the Roomba vinyl set here by inquiring about pricing.