Ross Dress for Less – I’ll Admit It, I Got it at Ross

Ever imagined going to a garage sale and finding something awesome, rare and wouldn’t find online? That’s the feeling you will get every time you walk into a Ross Dress For Less.

12823280_10154037072769701_8926220015006529993_oThis store is shopping paradise for the low budget customer. You walk in and find a mass sprawl of discount clothing, electronics, home appliances, yard decorations and other various items. Except these are all items you would never find in a Wal-Mart of other mainstream box stores. Instead, depending on each inventory delivery and store location, there is an assortment of valuable and cheap products that could convince anyone to purchase at least one item within the stores.

Replacement phone chargers can be expensive, but Ross Dress For Less typically has all sorts of third-party chargers for less than $10. Need an Internet router to allow you to stop paying the cable companies’ monthly rental fees? Look no further than your local Ross stores. Does you think your yard need a garden gnome next to the flowers? Ross has you covered.

If you are willing to wait, Ross Dress For Less is gold for sports fans. Miami area Ross stores had LeBron James Heat jerseys for $10 or less in the following years after he had left the team. I once found Kobe Bryant Reeboks in the shoe racks. These were extremely valuable shoes considering Bryant switched to Nike shoes in the early 2000’s, yet this pair was sitting in a Ross for less than $100.

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Ross Dress For Less doesn’t sell online, so customers have to check in-store on a weekly (or daily, for the most ambitious customers) basis to see the newest arrivals. However, social media will sometimes act as the middleman for transactions, with many “Ross Finds” groups on Instagram and Facebook. For example, I am part of a group that looks for discount soccer jerseys at Ross Dress For Less stores. If someone posts a picture of a United States national team jersey with a $30 tag (typical retail price is $90 or more) from his or her local Ross, I can comment on the picture and say I want that jersey. The person will then buy the item and ship it to my address, and I will pay for the jersey and shipping through PayPal. I can now make a great purchase even though my local Ross Dress For Less didn’t have the item in stock.

Yes, continually shopping at Ross Dress For Less can run up quite the expense in one’s budget. But remember, even with all the spending, you are still buying everything at one-third or less of its normal retail price at any other location.

Ross Dress For Less, definitely worth a weekly visit for all types of shoppers.