SoClean 2 – Thanks for Making My CPAP Safer

I wouldn’t say I’m a neat freak, but I keep my home tidy. When it comes to my CPAP however, I just don’t have the time or the patience to clean it regularly. I think about bacteria accumulating in my CPAP and freak out. This is where the SoClean 2 comes in. I saw an ad on Facebook and I thought, “Is it too good to be true? Probably.” I decided to give it a go anyway, AND I LOVED IT. Here’s why…

1. After the first set up, all I have to do is drop my mask in and close the lid.
2. No drying so no mildew smell.
3. It sanitizes everything so I don’t have to worry.

SoClean 2 CPAP SanitizerThe SoClean 2 cleans with ozone (sounds scary but it is perfectly safe) so no liquid and no long drying times. You just hook it up once and leave it hooked up. Then in the morning, just drop your mask into the SoClean, close the lid and press a button. Nothing to take apart and no chemicals to add. By the time you’re ready for bed, your mask, tube and humidifier chamber have been completely sanitized. Mold, bacteria and viruses are no more. I find the piece of mind that the SoClean offers to be invaluable. Even my husband is happy because there are no more CPAP tubes hanging over the shower rod drying!

The only thing I’m not too keen on is the slight odor the ozone leaves. My friend told me to just let my CPAP run for a minute before I put it on and the smell dissipates. Although, she actually likes the smell and describes it as a clean laundry scent.

If you’re worried about CPAP safety and are a little lazy when it comes to CPAP cleaning (like me) I highly recommend the SoClean 2.

Here is a link to purchase. HINT: Use the coupon code CLEAN15 for 15% off.