The Subwoofer – Feel the Beat

Car stereos have been improving drastically during the past decade, but cars still remain without balanced speaker sets. So you have no choice, get a subwoofer, an amplifier and some nice aftermarket speakers.

How do I know this? I’ve done it in all four cars that I’ve owned and wouldn’t do it any other way.

There’s nothing worse than getting in your car excited to listen to your favorite song and turning the knob all the way up. The speakers are clearly overpowered and crackling. Soon they will blow and leave you questioning, “why would they put these speakers in a car in the first place?” This is because they know the majority of the US is OK with the mediocrity blaring through the speakers.

Car manufacturers have taken notice and now offer high-end audio trims, but surprisingly you are much better off getting an after market system put in for the price and quality. When you have to get your audio fixed (if ever), you will pay much less at an independent dealer than you would at the dealership.

The thriving aftermarket speaker economy exists for a reason. People are fed up with the sub-par quality and want to rectify the manufacturer’s mistakes. Most cars are pushing 15 watts to each speaker, but with an amplifier you can kick it up to 75 watts each speaker. By doing so, you are ensuring that the speakers are getting enough power and that they aren’t distorting audio when the juice isn’t there.

The same principle applies to the subwoofer. Make sure you look at the specifications and that the subwoofer is powered at a high level. Using these principles will pay dividends to your ears.

A subwoofer and a nice set of speakers can open up a new world of audio. Car occupants can now hear new pitches and sounds that weren’t there before. It’s like taking the red pill in the Matrix and running down the proverbial rabbit hole. The music feels like sitting in front of an orchestra or being front row at an AC/DC concert. You can truly feel the music in your bones, and it can even make your hair stand up from the pulsing tones.

There’s a reason that Meghan Trainor is all about that bass and Jeezy likes his beats down low. A good bass line gets the listener in a more hyped state of mind where nothing else matters. It makes waiting for someone in the car that much more bearable because one can put on their favorite tunes and have a mini jam session. There are songs that are honestly not bearable unless there is a decent amount of bass to complement the treble.

Trust me, taking the road less travel will not leave you disappointed. Get yourself a premium audio system as soon as possible. Your ears will thank you.