Toast Is Finally Cool

Somewhere between the rage of kale and artist loft living, toast became cool again. For a long time, you could pop a couple slices of toast in the toaster and you’d have a perfect sidekick to your eggs. Indeed, toast was the Ed McMahon of breakfast. Now, though, it is the eggs that are the sidekick as toast has stepped into the spotlight in a myriad of ways and on hipster menus, from Joshua Tree to Dallas to Hudson Valley in New York. Toast has put on a leather jacket and is now on the list of all the coolest parties. How did toast get to this place? – Who knows, but we love it.

Now, we’re not just talking about toast here. We’re talking about gourmet toast – thick toasts, ultra thin toast, burnt to a crisp toast with a bevy of toppings. You will notice at some hip restaurants that a perfectly fine and well balanced meal will consist of a hardy, but sweet, type of bread that is toasted to golden perfection. Dolloped upon these bread slices is a plethora of different types of sauces (not all at the same time of course) – from balsamic glaze to béchamel to simple olive oil to tapenade.


The sauce is usually just the first layer – added as a sort of foundation to the final layer above. The main layer, if you will, could be anything. Lobster makes a great top layer – probably one of the most delicious. Served ice cold on a warm piece of toast and you have a certain magic for your taste buds that is nearly indescribable. Another popular topping is guacamole – this is one for those people that don’t like the hardness of chips, but still want the creamy deliciousness of the fruit that everyone thinks is a vegetable.

In some ways, toast has taken on a similar identity crisis. It’s a side item on the bottom of a breakfast menu that some how got moved to the top of the menu, just under the appetizers. It’s an American success story akin to moving from the mailroom to the executive floor, but not quite an executive yet. Maybe an assistant – an assistant with a bit of power. However, toast isn’t going to take crap from anyone – mostly because it worked so hard to get where it is now.

Where do you find these delectable, gourmet hipster toast dishes? – Boutique hotels with a restaurant that has a blatantly obvious name, like Spoon and Fork, or Window and There’s The Door. You will also be able to find toast on the menu at some the cooler new brunch spots in town – the ones with a 45-minute wait. If you can’t find toast on the menu, or if you live somewhere a little less hip, you could find a recipe on the Internet and make it yourself. In the end, toast is the new cool way to impress your friends.